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Wishbone I
Wishbone VI
Wishbone IV
Wishbone III
Field Study, III
Field Study, II
Daybreak III
Trouble Sleeping in the Heat
Emerald Year
I Can Dream Can't I?
Gradient II
Gradient I
Adept At This
Slates Are Clean
"Refuge" triptych in Toronto
"Refuge" triptych in Toronto
"Refuge" triptych
Well-Seeming Forms
Dove Call
VAM Riverwood Exhibit
Spilling Out
Are They Singing To You?
Blank Slate
I Want It All
Fated Ones
Angel Cake
False Start
Young Hearts - Run Free!
Misty's At The Hilton Hotel
VAM Riverwood Exhibit
Peach Fuzz
Standstone Baby
Nice Again Like You
Field Study
Under November Skies
Darkest Before The Dawn
Dreaming Days (where the mess was made)
I Play It Off (but I'm dreaming of you)
Nursery Rhymes
Chances of Us Crossing Paths (slim)
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