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Field Studies

2020 - present

This series was born during a time that disrupted routine and eliminated any semblance of normalcy. We needed to, collectively, strip down the many rituals of our lives, only focusing on the things that were truly ‘essential.’ I noticed this parallel with my work—gone were the layers and layers of think impasto paint, and in its place were light washes of colour, faint stains of earth tones, raw canvas, exposed gesso.

The final versions of these pieces are ultimately made of nuanced layers. I leaned towards using organic material and lots of water to create faint washes of colour. Intuitively, my work became simplified and loose.

Brown, neutral, abstract art
Field, natural art
Scavenger I, 22.5” x 30” mixed media on paper - sold -
IMG_4411.jpegScavenger I, 22.5” x 30” mixed media on paper - available -
white abstract painting
Natural, neutral, earth tone painting
Brown, painting, neutral, earth tone art
Neutral, large-scale abstract art Toronto
Natural pink and mustard painting