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Light and Sometimes Dark
"Nothing New (under the sun)"
"Nothing New (under the sun)"
Field Study, III
Field Study, II
Trouble Sleeping in the Heat
I Can Dream Can't I?
Emerald Year
Wishbone III
Wishbone IV
Baby Grand
"Refuge" triptych in Toronto
"Refuge" triptych in Toronto
"Refuge" triptych
Lady Finger
Slates Are Clean
Well-Seeming Forms
Spilling Out
Dove Call
VAM Riverwood Exhibit
Wishbone I
Blank Slate
Fated Ones
Angel Cake
Night Talking
False Start
Jewel Box III
Young Hearts - Run Free!
Misty's At The Hilton Hotel
VAM Riverwood Exhibit
Peach Fuzz
Standstone Baby
Nice Again Like You
Jewel Box II
Field Study
Gradient I
Darkest Before The Dawn
Weathering The Storm
Dreaming Days (where the mess was made)
I Play It Off (but I'm dreaming of you)
Nursery Rhymes
Daybreak III
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